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It is nothing to be a Certified Person in today’s world. A variety of online, offline, and even direct certification purchase processes are available, but when it comes to the industrial requirements The Skills and Knowledge were the only factors that would help any professional or certified person in the execution phase. We at Decibel train our students, whether they’re novices or professionals looking to upgrade their career skills. Combined with real-world applications and in-field learning, we always deliver HUGE practicals.

Whether it’s Mechanical QA/QC, Civil QA/QC, Electrical QA/QC, Specialized Testing Certification, Drilling Certification, Infrared Testing Acoustic Emission Testing, Phased Array Testing, Time of Flight Diffraction Testing, Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing, HVAC, MEP, and Many more types of Training Sessions we always offer an In-field approach towards what they need to execute in-field application. 

The theoretical sessions are developed by industrial experts or industrial giants in accordance with the industrial needs in order to improve their internal training programs.


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