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Sates of the Art Modern Equipment’s are available for the students to have practical session. Imported equipment’s, Test Specimen, Calibration Units etc are available for handful of learning. Imported Software from world Centre for Material Joining Technology provides Remarkable Experience for the students.

Decibel have invested Multi Million Pounds for Artificial Flawed Specimen which could replicate the on-field conditions for the training program participants (students).

We do provide Independent equipment for each participant/student for hand on training and practice wherever applicable. No Group Practicals are conducted at our any of the Training centre.

We have Procured Dozens of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors (USM 35, USM 58, USM-60, Sitescan 123, Sitescan D10, Sitescan D20, Digiscan, Anyscan 2o, Einstein II TFT, Einstein II Plus, Einstein DGS), Dozens of Phased Array Equipment’s (Omniscan, Phascan, Synscan, Proceq, TDscan, etc), TOFD Equipment’s  (Omniscan, Phascan, Synscan, TDscan, etc)

Enough of Calibration Blocks, Weld Gauges, Inspections Tools, Videoscopic Tools, Plastic Replicas, Stationery Bench Units for Aerospace Inspection, Stationery PT Unit for Aerospace Inspection, Demagnetization Station and Machining Station for Metallurgical studies.

Large Specimens Samples of Casting Defects, Forging Defects, Lamination Defects, In-service Damaged Specimens etc…

Visit us to knew more, we are happy to discuss your requirements..