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Decibel is one of the Organization holding multiple accreditation and approvals from various industrial certification bodies..
Decibel is….
Our Distinctive Approvals and Accreditation
  • Decibel is Accredited to British Qualifications & Certification Services – Scotland
  • Decibel is Corporate affiliated to American Society for Non Destructive Testing
  • International Section Affiliation with Saudi Arabia Section of ASNT
  • International Section Affiliation with Qatar ASNT
  • International Section Affiliation with UAE ASNT Chapter
  • International Section Affiliation with South Korean ASNT
  • International Section Affiliation with Singapore ASNT
  • 50 Advanced Inspection Patents and a Dedicated R & D Division
  • First Institution in India to provide TOFD, Phased Array, LRUT, AUT Courses.
  • First Indian Institute to offer NDE courses in 15 methods and 12 limited NDE Certification Courses
  • Member of American Welding Society
  • International section affiliation with Kuwait Section of ASNT
  • Member of Institution of Corrosion Engineers UK
  • Affiliated to American Petroleum Institute.
  • Global Presence, Global Recognition, Professional Labs
  • ANSI/ECNDT/ASNT based original training materials.
  • First institute in India to offer AUT interpreter Programs.
  • Technical Board with ASME reviews board members.
  • ASNT listed Training provider in India.
  • Only organization having 23 Level 3 examiners to monitor and direct the Entire training and certification scheme. Our Level 3 panel will certify only for Decibel and its associates hence credibility, recognition and validity of certificates are assured.
  • Specialists in advanced NDE training for corporate companies.
  • Asia’s Largest Third Party accredited certification provider for QC Programs.
  • First Remote Visual Training Provider in Asia.
  • First GPR Training Provider in Asia.
  • First Nuclear NDT Training Center in Asia.
  • First Aerospace NDT Training Provider in India.
  • Placement Desk & Representatives across the World
  • Practical Labs meeting EN/BS/ASME/API/ASNT requirements.