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Nowadays anyone willing to enter this specialized industrial field will always look for general cheap or cost-effective training to a nearer spot at their comfortability or to potential city life.

However, prospective individuals/students should think twice and conduct a good level of on-the-field inquiries or check official websites of accreditation bodies to determine whether the providers or so-called training centers are indeed valid. Then, we would ask whether they are genuine in the service they are offering.

Developing your skills and becoming a professional is not easy; it involves a good level of dedication and acquiring a good skill set in the area you want to develop. Certificates are merely admission tickets to the vacancy or can be regarded as a prerequisite for attending the respective interviews.

At Decibel, we guarantee that you will be a professional and not just a certified person. We provide incredible opportunities to students who have graduated from decibel.

The words of a Senior Manager at Indian Oil Corporation state that “We are always looking for competitive and progressive employees, but are often disappointed by interviews that are not able to showcase competitors’ skills or competitive abilities, as an oil & gas company, we always value skills and competency rather than recommendations.”

Since Decibel provides service for almost all major oil & gas, petroleum, marine, construction, NDT & EPC companies in the world, we can undoubtedly say that industry is changing, talent requirements are on the rise, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to develop and improve their talents to reach their career goals without investing in Talent Formation and Skill Formation, each individual is ruining their careers.


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