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Guided Wave UT Training Level 2

Course Description

Decibel offer highly specialized course for engineers and scientists on the guided wave ultrasonic testing method. Detailed theoretical discussions are supplemented with extensive hands-on laboratory experiences in generating guided ultrasonic waves in different material geometries for defect identification and characterization. Please contact us for customized scheduling of your classes. Courses are offered in-house as well as at client sites. The classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced scientists and engineers.

We can provide Guided Wave UT courses and examinations suitable for the following certification scheme.

  • SNT-TC-1A in accordance with your/our company written practice

An example of the syllabus that is used for LRUT/Guided wave UT training courses is shown below for Level 2. Decibel can tailor make the syllabus to satisfy the requirements of an individual’s company specific written practice if requested.

Brief Course Outline

Review of ultrasonic wave propagation principles
  • Equations of motion
  • Reflection and Refraction
  • Normal and Oblique incidence
  • Wave scattering
Dispersion Principles
  • Group and Phase velocity concepts
  • Mode conversion
Generation of guided waves
  • Transducers
  • Transducer designs
    • Angle-beam transducers
    • EMAT transducers
    • Magnetostrictive transducers
    • PVDF transducers
Waves in Plates
  • Numerical solution
  • Wave structure analysis
  • Lamb waves
  • Shear Horizontal waves
  • Dispersion curves
  • Multi-layered plates
  • Lab work
Waves in Rods
  • Longitudinal waves
  • Torsional waves
  • Flexural waves
  • Guided waves in thin rods and wires
  • Lab work
Waves in pipes and cylinders
  • Circumferential guided waves
  • Longitudinal guided waves
    • Axisymmetric modes
    • Flexural modes
  • Leaky guided waves in liquid-loaded pipes
  • Attenuation dispersion curves
  • Lab work
Interface waves

Qualification Required

Candidates with good knowledge over Ultrasonic Testing & its application may enroll towards this program, if the interested candidates doesn't have enough knowledge over Ultrasonic Testing and it’s practical application, those candidates may initially enroll towards Practical Ultrasonic Testing/ Specialization in A- Scan UT program conducted at Decibel and after that they can enroll towards this program.

Who Should Attend

NDT Level 2 Technicians, NDT Level 3s, NDT Managers, NDT engineers, Quality Control Engineers, Inspection Engineers, Maintenance Engineers etc.

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